About Street Smart Furniture

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Street Smart Furniture is a division of Park Benches Ltd, it is a New Zealand-owned company offering you an extensive range of quality, imported street furniture. Street Smart pieces are a stylish addition to any urban setting. At the same time they are practical, durable and affordable.

  • Park Benches is New Zealands leading manufacturer of heavyweight timber furniture installed mainly in open places.
  • By nature of its designs Park Benches products are generally viewed unsuitable for many streetscape applications.
  • Park Benches now introduces a completely new range of Streetscape Furniture under the brand Street Smart Furniture.
  • Street Smart Furniture will import high quality furniture historically manufactured to meet the exacting demands of American and European markets.
  • Those who have had the opportunity of viewing pieces of this range we have on hand have been impressed with the simplicity of designs, engineering standards and the quality of finish.(see "Customer Reference")
  • Continuing on the values of Park Benches, Street Smart Furniture will deliver you the best quality product, at a good price with extraordinary service.
  • The Street Smart Furniture range will help you meet expectations while at the same time being budget conscious.

Product testing and finishes:

  • Galvanised products have been tested in New Zealand and register to our AS/NZ 312 (2002) standard.
  • Powdercoating will generally be done in New Zealand, giving clients a choice of colour and graffiti protection.